Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 25 6/26/07

Letterpress workshop with Alex Cooper

Alex is a letterpress machine. We tested his godlike skills today. You see, we teamed up to make posters in their nice letterpress workshop. We would mark a bullseye on a piece of paper and challege Alex to hit it, and he did every time - dead on. Good thing we weren't placing bets. My group included Eric, Jesse, Anthony, and Martin. Our poster reads something like, "Fresh Meat ; Plastic" which is a combination of headlines cut out of local newspapers. We tried to replicate the texture of meat and plastic using different printing techniques, such as printing with wood type, plastic type, transparent and opaque inks. I think we were pretty successful in the end, and I learned a ton about letterpress. It's not the guessing game I once thought it was.

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