Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 8 6/9/07

Design Museum, Borough Market, and the Tate Modern.

We were pleasantly surprised at the Design Museum. We arrived to see an exhibit on the famous designer, Collani. Of course the man sitting down with a cup of coffee, wearing all white (white leather shoes, pants, ridiculous shirt) was Collani himself. He graciously gave us a tour of his exhibit. I was drawn to the Testarossa he rebodied in the 80's to set some high speed records. Afterwards, I had a nice talk with him about his collaboration with John Lingenfelter to build a new Corvette based supercar. I'll be on the lookout for that one.

I'll be back to Borough Market for sure. It's an outdoor food market made of stands set up by people from around the world. They bring their fresh foods to sell just two days a week, and all of it was delicious. For lunch, we tried boar sausage sandwiches, and it was surprisingly good.

The Tate Modern is my favorite museum so far. Modern art from this era is really my favorite. They featured a lot of pop-art, obviously Warhol and many others. It was really overwhelming, so we decided to come back another time to try to absorb all of it. The problem with a museum this good is that it's hard to appreciate all of the amazing art.

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