Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 30 7/1/07

Not sure where to start on my Dublin trip. I'll say this: leaving London to go to any city will be a downgrade in some way. Now, I'm not being negative, but Dublin was a pretty rough city. The funny thing is, my photos make it look really nice, and I guess it does look pretty nice. The people were kind of the problem. It seems that Dublin is full of brawlers and drunks, really. I suppose the hostel we stayed in didn't help matters much, because it was more like a homeless shelter. We were stalked by a strange man named Mario. See Eric's video blogs. I have no regrets about going to Dublin. I'm not sure if I will be back, but I'm glad I went! Hands down, the coolest thing we did there was go to the Guinness factory at St. James' Gate. The Guinness in Dublin is unlike any Guinness I've ever had. It's delicious.

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